Vegetable Tanned Leather Goods

Vegetable Tanned Leather Goods

What is vegetable tanned leather?

Today this article let us learm more about vegetable tanned leather. As the name called, it refers to tanning the cowhide into leather.  Do yo know why "vegetable", because the maetrials is used like tree bark in the process of tanning. Veg tan leather is perfect for bag makeing and tends to age better.

What is the advantage of vegetable tanned leather?

There are many reasons why vegetable tanned leather is regarded as the benchmark in the leather industry. Let’s start by looking at the favourable physical characteristics it possesses. Veg tan leather, in particular, is renowned for its robustness and strength — if appropriately cared for, it could last longer than a lifetime.

Aside from durability, the vegetable tanning process also gives leather a distinct, somewhat sweet aroma — the kind you probably already associate with leather. And the absorption of tannins makes for colours that are notably rich and deep in character; think natural and earthy tones, like beige and brown.

Because vegetable tanning requires no synthetic coatings, the leather is allowed to ‘breathe’. As a result, it’s able to absorb moisture and oils, and go on to form a ‘patina’. In the world of leather, patina is an indicator of quality and aesthetic beauty, something that enhances the perceived value of a leather product.

Lastly, vegetable tanning is the most environmentally-friendly method of leather production. More on this later, but it’s worth reiterating that only natural and organic substances are used during the production process.

The only disadvantage of veg tanned leather is that it is more expensive than other leathers such as crazy horse leather, waxed leather etc.

Here are some vegetable tanned leather goods:

Veg tanned leather glass cases







Vintage Graffiti Leather Backback for Women

Handmade Veg Tanned Leather Backpack For Women

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